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At T-Fat’s AutoSpa we specialize in bringing you the finest window film options available. Based on your requirements, we have different film options and levels of performance to enhance and protect your windows. All of our installations are custom cut to ensure the highest level of fitment.

High Performance Ceramic Tint

This advanced ceramic technology helps enhance heat and infrared rejection, while its non-metal construction minimizes signal interference for clear communications.

Performance and appearance are a priority. 84% heat rejection and comfortable cabin temperatures are maintained while 99% of damaging UV rays are blocked. Available in a range of shade levels, this non-reflective tint is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty with protection against change in color.

High Performance Infrared Tint

Engineered to deliver extreme solar-blocking performance—impressively rejecting up to 94% of infrared heat. It also increases protection with a powerful combination of glare reduction and over 99% UV defense. Added safety and electronic signal clarity round out the top-of-the-line features.

Ceramic window tint products are the highest performing, premium options available. They provide a greater degree of infrared rejection without dyes, metal, or carbon.

Benefits of Window Tint


Rejects UV heat, infra-red heat and glare

Driving in direct sunlight can expose you to sunburns! Professionally done tinted windows can block a large percentage of harmful ultraviolet rays and protect your skin while driving.


Prevents shattering glass in an accident

Premium tint film can also protect your car windows from shattering in an accident. The film holds the glass together even after the window breaks, protecting you from glass cuts.


Keeps cabin temperature cooler

Let’s be honest, Florida gets hot. Window tint reduces the heat produced by sunlight. We all hate entering a car with burning seatbelts. Drastically reduce the heat inside your vehicle with ceramic tint.


Prevents damage to your dashboard and trims

Direct sunlight can also degrade the dashboard, leather and trims inside your cabin, discoloring and fading it, and reducing the value of your vehicle’s interior.


Allows your vehicle to run more efficiently

By limiting temperature in your vehicle, your air conditioning may run more efficiently, allowing your car to cool much faster than in a non-tinted car.


Ceramic Window Tint

This ultra-advanced line of window tint has nano-technology to eliminate interference with signals for GPS, keyless entry, satellite radio, smartphones and other devices.

The Importance of High-Quality Window Tint

The Florida climate means high UV and high heat will deteriorate cheap tint film, leaving behind unsightly bubbles and quickly discoloring your tint to a nasty shade of purple, in some cases the film cracks and delaminates. You’ll have to get your tint removed and re-applied, an expensive endeavor that could have been easily avoided.

T-Fat’s Auto spa range of window tint film comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, protecting against common issues for your peace of mind. What’s more, our trained technicians have years of experience installing automotive window tinting. With modern installation techniques, we’re able to deliver a precise, tailored fit that will give you the peace of mind to ride in comfort for years to come.

All to keep your vehicle secured and look it’s best!


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